Summer 2024 Classes

We are offering classes that run through the whole summer!

We hope this will help you access multiple topics that are relevant to your life and your needs! 

Check out the link below to see all the classes available! You can still sort them by day, time, topic, and teacher!

Find a class that fits you:

Institute should be a place that helps you meet your spiritual needs, but even in a select age group, like Young Adults, there are a lot of different needs. The Institute is offering classes that will fit you individually.

no time for a class?

We've got you covered! We are starting our first ever PODCAST! Sign up for the podcast class to listen in to discussions about the gospel and get institute credit! Click the button below to find the us wherever you listen to podcasts!

24-30 Year old classes

Mission Preparation

Returned Missionaries

Married/Engaged Couples

Language Options:


The ASL Institute program offers Institute classes for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, and those who use American Sign Language. These classes are taught by an ASL interpreter teacher who travels across North America to help administrators, directors, and advisors accomplish goals with deaf youths and young adults. Classes here are taught in ASL and are suited for those with an understanding of ASL 2020.

Institute music:

Take a look into the music opportunities you can participate in at the institute!