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room for rent

Contact: Deidra Ritchhart 

Email: deidra.ritchhart@gmail.com or 435-523-8684

Room for rent in a townhouse in Santa Clara. Rent is $955 + utilities. Pets are welcome for a $450 deposit. ESA & assistance animals accepted. I own an assistance animal myself. A 5 yr old husky mix. 

I am a 30-year-old LDS female with a room immediately available. Please reach out to me if you are looking & we can set up a time for a viewing. I work full time so I am gone quite a bit. You will have your own bathroom. Brand new unit and brand new appliances. Furniture not included. 

room for rent

Contact: Jasiel Jardon 

Email: jasieljardon@gmail.com or 435-231-0302

Males only

Private room with shared bathroom. I have 2 cats. Rent is $550 each month plus utilities. Reach out to learn more.