looking for housing?

Looking for housing on campus? Click the button below to go to the University's housing website.

If you're not a student or you want off campus housing, you can check out the ward and stake Facebook pages for anyone looking for roommates.

other housing opportunities:

Finding housing can be stressful and frustrating! We will post any housing opportunities that we hear of on this page with information about who to contact.

If you, or someone you know, is looking to sell their housing contract or trying to find roommates, we can post that here as well. Click the link below to fill out the form with your housing information to add a posting to this page!

Male private room for rent

Contact: Richard Armstrong @ armstrongrichc@gmail.com or 4358517678

Available 04/01/2023

Female shared room for rent

Contact: @ 7022383989 (text preferred)

Available 01/17/2023

2 Private Rooms for Rent

Contact: Parker @ 4355902093

Available 01/17/2023

Modern basement apartment for rent

Contact: Cachay @ 7026065060

  Joey @ 7025238073


Available 04/01/2023

condo for rent

Contact: Bob Brown @ 4357708150

Available 04/01/2023

Female shared Room for Rent

Contact: Kristin Banks @ kristinbanks9090@gmail.com or 7022383989 

Available 01/17/2023

Male shared Room for Rent

Contact: Heather Tyler @ ghtyler@outlook.com   or 8014508223 

Available 01/12/2023

Male Private Room for Rent

Contact: Sean Bergbower @ Bergbower2012@gmail.com  or 7023498610 

Available 01/12/2023