Life Help

Life as a young adult can be overwhelming. There are lots of changes and big decisions to make, exhausting work schedules to juggle, stressful classes to worry about, and social life to try to squeeze into your already busy days and weeks.

We hope that the Institute and wards and stakes can be a refuge for you during this crazy time of life. We offer classes at the Institute to provide some help and guidance, and your ward and stake leaders are eager to listen and help.

Institue Resources:


Attending institute classes can be a great way to feel the spirit and seek out personal revelation for challenges you're facing. Come join us for classes or talk with any of the instructors during their office hours if you have specific questions.

Ward and Stake Resources:

Get in touch

Click the link below to see a list of the ward and stake leaders in the area. There is contact information for each of them. Once you find your ward leadership, get in touch with them and ask about additional resources that may benefit you.

University student resources: