Find your Ward 

If you are a young single adult and looking to find what ward or stake you're in, then you've found the right page! Here we'll help you locate your meeting house or visit the individual ward and stake pages to see information about boundaries and ward leadership. If you have questions feel free to contact us and we can try to help!

Members and Non-Members are welcome!

Looking for your ward:

On Campus Housing:

Type the name of the building where you live into the search bar on our website and it will pull up the ward to which you are assigned. Note that some buildings or complexes are split into multiple wards so you may need to specify the building number/letter or floor.

Off Campus Housing:

You can use the church's meeting house locator or give us a call here at the Institute at (435) 673-4609. If you know which family stake you live in, then you can search for that in the search bar of this site as well.


When using the locator, be sure to check for YSA or you'll only notice the Residential Ward information. 

Already know which stake you're in?

If you already know which stake you're in but want more information about social media pages, click one of the buttons below! From there you can find your specific ward pages and social media links!